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OF Performance is a company built from many years of dreams and aspirations. Our first product Tap-It-Right was developed as our first attempt to solve a very expensive and very troublesome repair.  This will be a solution that you will enjoy and we hope you have fun with the amazing color customization.

We are bikers; engineers; finance and business people. Our focus has been to improve the experience for the bike builder and you can see that ingenuity in our work. We are involved in the Harley Bagger race scene and the Harley Stunt World along with the everyday riders. Additionally, we are excited to release more high-quality performance parts here in the near future. So check back often!

OF Performance also has aspirations to help the amputee and handicapped motorcycle world with one of the owners being an amputee there comes a passion to make riding for amputees that much more enjoyable.  Adapt and Overcome! 

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